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With CNZMachinery you have the partner at your side that can food extrusion machinery provide you with a superlative solution for your entire food processing tasks and endeavors. This process usually starts off with special kinds of applications and equipment on a laboratory scale and stretches straight through to the industrial production plants. Over the course of time, we have registered ourselves as the world’s leading food extrusion machines manufacturer and supply our food extrusion machines to a vast range of industries with our clients belonging from different parts of the world.

When your food extruder machines production processes demand a certain type of food extrusion machines mixers or food extruder machines, ovens, and other efficient, cost-effective solutions, CNZMachinery invariably meets the demands and needs of the manufacturers all over the world to make their process of production safer, flexible and more systematic than ever before.

As a constant innovator and manufacturer of the food extrusion machines, we have a considerable amount of wealth and experience in this particular field. Setting up constant new standards in the food extrusion machinery, and its development to bring something unique onto the table for our customers all over the world, we have gained considerable amount respect and admiration for the food extruder machines we have been making. This shows our commitment towards our efficient system and competence towards innovating new products into the market.

Best Food Extrusion Machines and Food Extruder Machines

CNZMachinery twin screw food extrusion machines supplies perfect conditions for the extrusion of many different types of pet food and food products. The processing section of our machine comprises of different kinds of diverse barrels in which the food processing takes place.

The tightly-gapped screws around the the food extrusion ans pasta extrusion machine operate perfectly giving the food a suitable amount of surface, with their perfectly sealed self-wiping profile eradicates the stagnant zones over the entire length of the process section. The result of this is regular high-conveying efficiency and transparency for cleaning the machine effectively. The design of our food extrusion machinery and its abnormal association of the free screw based volume; its speed and torque enable the food extruder machines to be completely configured for each and every application. The entire portfolio of the machine includes a vast range of sizes, assisting the customers to exercise the demanded throughput range from the production scale to the laboratory. If you are willing to purchase a machine from us or would like to purchase one in the future, feel free to contact us anytime.


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To promote standards of technical service, training and know-how, making membership a mark of quality and service.

About Jinan Zhuoheng

Jinan Zhuoheng Food Extrusion Machinery Co LTD has established more than 10 years , and it is considered as China’s most experienced and reputable manufacturer of food extruder machines, accessories and service.

Jinan Zhuoheng Food Extrusion Machinery Co LTD has a diverse and vast manufacturing unit of equipment, plants and system to offer our customers in the field of extruded snack food processed through our food extruder machines.

Jinan Zhuoheng Food Extrusion Machinery Co LTD offer customers with single item of equipment, complete factory layouts and complete production line, which are according to the requirements of our customers. With our Spare parts and Service division we show practical exhibition and explanation of our commitment to our customer support and after-sales services, Zhuoheng has completed enormous number of large scale projects throughout the globe and has proven that our services and the quality of our food extruder machines are unbeatable.

Our food extruder machines deal in Pet (cat, dog, bird etc) food production, Sinking & floating fish feed production, Macaroni pasta food, Baked Corn/Rice/Wheat puffed snack food, Soya protein chunk/ TSP / TVP food, Corn flakes/breakfast cereals, baby powder & Modified/Denaturized starch.

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New at Jinan Zhuoheng

Jinan Zhuoheng
Food Extrusion Machinery

Jinan Zhuoheng Food Extrusion Machinery Co LTD is situated in the city of Jinan also known as Spring City in the province of Shandong, China. The main focus of our company is in the field of pet food, floating fish feed, macaroni pasta, puffed snack food processing machinery etc.

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