What To Expect With A Kitchen Cabinet Painting Service


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Have you ever wondered how getting your kitchen cabinets painted works?

So today we’re going to talk about an entire kitchen cabinet painting transformation. From start to finish. Let’s go.

First things first, you. Before your painting professional shows up, remove all of your things out of your cabinets if they are going to be painting the inside of your kitchen cabinets. If not, check to see if it’s ok to leave your things where they are and make sure your painting company will protect your stuff from damage during the painting process. Also, its a good idea to clear off your counter tops so that your things don’t accidentally get paint on them, or get broken accidentally during the spraying process. A good tip is to set up the things you need in an adjacent room so you’ll have access to them during your kitchen cabinet painting process.

So on the first day, your painting company should go over in detail all the specific things that will occur during the painting process. If they don’t, do not hesitate to ask them for this information. You don’t want to find out later that you were suppose to do something or that a certain process did not get followed the way it should.

Next the paint company should put up protection to keep your home from damage by paint. They should paper and plastic all areas that they spray to make sure paint goes on the surfaces its suppose to and stays of the surfaces it should be on. They will also tent off the kitchen so that paint debris doesn’t get into the rest of your home and that your home is well protected from the painting sprayer.

Finally the painting company will remove all your cabinets hardware, clean the surfaces, sand the surfaces that need it and spray your desired color paint.

What should be included in a roof repair estimate?


What should be included in a roofing estimate? If you hire a roofing contractor, he will supply a basic roofing estimate for your home. This will tell you what the total project will cost. It will also show you what roof repair needs to be done and how much the total cost will be. A roofing contractor can give you this estimate over the phone, or you may need to see him in person.

Roofing estimates will also include some of the standard roofing materials that are used in roof repair. Some examples are asphalt shingles, metal roofing, wood shakes, clay tile, metal tiles, and other such materials. The roofing contractor will also talk about what safety measures will be taken and the insurance policy. You must always check with your insurance company before hiring a roofing contractor.

Roofing companies will usually give you a list of materials they will use for your home and recommend a couple of choices. The most popular option is asphalt shingles. However, many people have reported that metal roofing performed better in their homes. Many homeowners will say that getting a roofing contractor’s recommendation is more important than whether he uses asphalt or metal.

What should be included in a roofing contractor’s estimate? On average, you will pay at least $500 for a new roof. The old roof should be removed so that the contractor can install the new roof. You may not need a permit to tear down the old roof. Find out what permits the contractor you are hiring needs in your area.

Roofing materials include lumber, tiles, shingles, felt, metal, and other roofing products. Look at each of these materials and estimate how much each item will cost. Be sure to take into account any discounts available for buying bulk materials. Also, consider the cost of installing the roof after you purchase the materials. Sometimes adding additional nails, metal flashing, and other rafters cost more than just buying all the materials.

Once you have the roofing estimate in hand, call your roofing contractor and ask him or her for their recommendation. Have the contractors tie up some of their current work with them to give you an idea of their level of expertise. Do not be fearful to ask for references either. By asking the right questions and checking the contractor’s concerns, you can get the best roofing service for your home.

So if you’re in the Bend, OR area and in need of a roof repair estimate I highly recommend these guys…

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Where to take your junk

Junk removal

Tuesday afternoon and this there isn’t necessarily a hard and fast roll for whether you should take your items to a landfill transfer station dispose of it whether you should recycle the stuff or they should donate the stuff or whether you should sell the stuff typically you want to try and keep as much out of the landfill as you possibly can however there is an expense for all that time spent sorting through stuff and donation centers have become extremely picky about what they take and what they don’t take A lot of people a lot of guys on YouTube I’m going to have a little bit of a different approach to selling items and and and scrapping items for the recycling income that a lot of people on YouTube will And my number one rule is you are indeed junk removal business your business is junk removal And the reason that’s my first rule when it comes to deciding the stuff is it’s very easy to look at this and think of if you’ve got a bunch of items and there’s some value to them you could sell them and all that kind of stuff but are you a junk removal company

no you’re not You’re a junk removal company you charge for the removal of the items that is your primary business that is your bread and butter so whenever you’re deciding this that needs to be your first thought so where does that come into play If you’re say you’re an area that’s an hour from your next job I’ll say you didn’t 8 to 10 arrival job You’re in an area that’s an hour from your next job You’ve got a load of stuff that say is that you have some items in there you know you could sell for $400 500 bucks but the problem is is it’s going to take some shorting You’re going to have to take it back to your facility drop the stuff off there you have to handle load it because otherwise if you dump it you’re going to break it you have to handle load it put it in your facility and and then you might have to reload stuff there’s no telling I mean that takes a lot of time and all of a sudden there’s no way by doing that you’re probably going to be stretching making your 10 to 12 long time just by by dumping the stuff or maybe maybe dropping it off a

donation center that’s all the way And by selling and you know you take the time to sell it it’s probably going to add an hour to your trip so all of a sudden you’re late to this 10 to 12 And if you’ve got a full day it’s been one you don’t ever want to be late for to a job That’s our number one rule is if it all possible we never want to be late to a job from time to time it happens but we try and make sure we’re never late we’ll do go to any link possible for the most part to make sure we’re we’re on time to a job The other thing is if you have a busier day the rest of the day you could be late to each through the rest of your jobs and potentially you might not be able to get that final job done you might have a full truck and and there’s just no way for you to where to put this stuff and all the dumps are closed and you can’t get to that last job so you could call that last job of it could be a full load it could be a $500 loan you called that last job and they say screw you if you couldn’t get it here today if you can’t get here today they’re going to go with somebody else they are closing on the house tomorrow morning so your primary business is job removal always take care of your junk removal company

customers first, like this company https://junkremoval-houston.com. The other end the other thing is your time is valuable so you get these you get these people and they talk about they set their selling to some of the stuff they got to damage every move below that’s maybe 200 bucks and but that to our knowledge it’s not just 200 profit there’s going to be time that you have to take pictures get the stuff listed you might have to clean the items up you’re going to have to meet people and people jerk you around and when you meet people you have to make time available for you know it could be an hour they tell you they’re going to be there at 4:30 well they likely won’t show you till 5:00 so you know it could be 30 minutes to an hour that you’re waiting on then waiting on them for and that’s time that you could be doing junk removal jobs so part of what you’re going to when you’re selling mine is part of the things you’re going to figure is how busy are you right now and if you’re swamped you probably just want to dump the stuff or donate it be done with it if

How to prep a ceiling for painting

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Time with brand new construction today so exterior painting Pittsburgh your ceiling is the same new construction as it is if you are doing a just a rework but the process is almost identical except in this situation we have to add the standing of their archival work and priming drywall before we get independence soon and that’s really simple I like using the Zulu sponges with the curve on it right these things awesome because I can get my corners without putting a scratch line received a lot of these things in their square on both ends if you put that up here like this and the dragon across what happens you end up with A-line on your ceiling OK that’s not something you want to have their so that corner and make a look pretty the only other secret you need is make sure that all your edges are feather is like You’re ready to go take your 360 sandor put on your joints right I go the direction that you put the mud on just to change the texture of the mud no this really important because the paper is really smooth the mud isn’t always smooth if you think is and despite going like this nice to easy you’ll put a limit of standing on it change the texture mud had now it’s ready painted when you’re priming now

I love this rig sherlock Pole and my handle and to say no if your interested in the tools of amusing we have a link in the description oddly enough it’s for Amazon OK we put together special page with all the products and tools I like to use in case like to get something that your familiar C When you’re priming drywall you want to make sure your not using too much pressure but you I wines and don’t run the roller right into that corner marking your paint on the corresponding wall OK finish for the gentle touch back rolling and you won’t have any lines the other secret is prime in the same direction that you’re gonna wanna be exterior painting Pittsburgh with your finish paint number one we paint ceilings we do 2 Coats so the 2nd coat you won’t be paying the same direction as your 2nd coat unmasking to be determined by a couple different things generally when exterior painting Pittsburgh a ceiling if I have a window that spacing South and I want to make sure if the Sun pouring through window that

I am finishing the paint in the same direction as the Sun so the reason the little lines are ridges even run the microscopic level Sun poured across the ceiling will highlight with a shadow so if the Sun poured any window paint toward the Sun and if it’s not gone the longest while in the Room that’s a great way to For a good couple of hours before you start doing any touch up work and might be dry to the surface but with you put a knife with mud served scraping around trying to do your touch up in your prime check while this is still damp there to make a heck of a mess here ceiling we don’t want that there go all prime we got all figured out let’s move on will talk about how to prime check make sure ceilings ready to be painted before he can’t write so once were done or primer we want to jump right into doing the prime shaq as soon as it’s dry for about 2 hours a massive simple is just taking a little bit of mud and a spotlight and going all around your surface and checking for imperfections not gonna find them everywhere you go sanding is not the art of making everything smooth is the art of getting rid of all of your riches and blending your joints to your drywall paper so the reason we do prime check before we painted sailing is this and this good holds true whether it’s a new

It fixes all of your mistakes and be in fixes all the mistakes that nobody else bothered to fix OK don’t take it for granted that because you see looks pretty good but it’s all good to go because this is atrocious so you gonna just use a standard trouble light comes on usually like a 25′ cord 100 W bulb and metal show me all of my mistakes so that you can see all the little pets and make some scratches and other all smooth they’ve all been saying that right compound over here this is just result all can really brutal right because you’re taping outside quarter taping inside corner usually this area here is gonna get a combination of of too much matter not enough mud The sister Wei is forecast every normal that way you can use regular mud But today um using regular mud because I find a lot of people don’t know where to find harder or are unable to get it when the region where they live so we have a company called CC and make a 45 minute mud allows me to do all this had not have the prime you want to see that protests in other exterior painting Pittsburgh but it would you may have seen already so that’s it we just fix that up give this another to the dry here’s the deal if I can’t see with this light it doesn’t matter what time of day it is how much lighting you have what time of year it is knowing the fall sometimes the winner before clocking a really strange low light Discovers up every single imperfection are gonna find that when you pay your ceiling you know it’s gonna be perfect or not to be disappointed to 3 weeks or 3 months down the road his certain time of day for sitting there and you look up and go my

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