12 Exceptional Reasons to Use Aluminum Food Extruder


Selection of materials is an essential part of designing any project. You will have to take different materials into consideration. Each substance has its unique drawbacks and benefits. It is possible that you have to create consumer durables or to transport goods, or you are designing construction or electronics project. If so, you are likely pondering about integrating aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent material, especially for food extruder machines.

Aluminum is lightweight and strong. It embraces a broad range of finishes and is enticing at the same time. Aluminum extruder machines provide a variety of options.

Below are 12 distinct benefits which could make aluminum bases food extrusion machinery a fantastic choice:


Aluminum can be recycled over and over again. During recycling, it always retains its innate characteristics.

Light in Weight

Aluminum weighs as much as one-third as compared to copper, brass, iron or steel. When saving in weight is required, aluminum can be useful.


With the help of alloying, aluminum can maximize its power up to 90,000 PSI tensile.

High Ratio in terms of Strength-to-Weight

Aluminum is strong as well as lightweight. When you do a calculation through ultimate tensile by density, the resultant ratio is highly desirable.


Aluminum can deflect under the load and then spring/bounce back. This resilience is supreme where resistance is crucial in design.

Erosion Resistance

When aluminum is exposed to air, a thin layer of oxide appears on the surface of aluminum. The oxide layer provides the benefit of being corrosion resistant and durable.

Thermal Conductivity

Aluminum is able to transfer heat for cooling as well as heating purpose. NO other metal has better conductivity based on weight to cost.


A solid aluminum can be excellent as food extruder machines. Food extruders can easily be cleaned and are also unable to absorb bacteria.

Electrical Conductivity

For volume, aluminum possesses around 62 per cent conductivity as compared to copper. In terms of weight, aluminum has more conductivity than copper.


Non-magnetic characteristics of aluminum make it great for hardware at high voltage.


Without the addition of extra finishing, aluminum looks pleasing to the eyes. Aluminum can be anodized without losing the appearance.


Food extrusion machinery made up of aluminum can be welded or mechanically fastened.

Last Word

At competitive prices, you can find aluminum extruders of exceptional quality in China.