3 Nutritional Qualities Pet Food Extruder Manufacturers Should Offer
pet food extruder manufacturers

It is challenging to define pet food. However, the food is easily measured by the ultimate consumer; the pet itself.  Some quality-related factors are important to consumers, which all the pet food extruder manufacturers take care of. The aspects include palatability, guaranteed analysis, ingredients, physical form and standard nutrition. As a customer, you should apply caution to abovementioned factors while purchasing pet food.

Below are the nutritional requirements which every pet food must contain. It does not matter whether the pet food is in the form of treats, snacks or supplemental feed.


Proteins are amino acids. Protein is necessary for maintenance, breeding and growth of the body. There are numerous sources of quality protein, including plant and animal sources.

The guaranteed analysis helps to define protein as “Crude protein”. Crude protein on a higher side does not guarantee a highly digestible protein. Deficiency of protein causes depression in growth retardation, food intake or even death.

Various factors can alter the required level of protein. The aspects include digestibility, availability, and diet’s energy level, amino acid composition and pet’s stage of life.


Fats provide vital fatty acids as well as a concentrated energy source. Omega fats or fatty acids play an essential part in metabolic regulation and cell membranes. Linoleic acid is another crucial fatty acid. Level of linoleic acid is directly related to hair coat and healthy skin.

For pets, fat is helpful as a carrier of fat-soluble vitamins. Also, fats leverage palatability to dog food.


Minerals are direly needed for pet food for various reasons. Mineral content in a total of a pet diet is called the content of ash. Minerals are inorganic compounds which comprise significant skeleton parts, claws and teeth of animals.

Pets’ mineral requirement is gauged from different diet experience in cats and dogs. The experience differs due to numerous environmental conditions, breeds, biological activity and interaction between various ingredients and other variables.

Mineral toxicities and deficiencies are infrequent with the pet foods that are offered commercially. Besides, toxicities or deficiencies differ widely with the mineral of one type to the other.

Apart from abovementioned nutrients; energy, vitamins, and water are also crucial for pet food extruder machines.

Last Word

It is vital for you as a pet food buyer to remain satisfied that the food is purchased from best pet food extruder manufacturers. Similarly, the brand of food extruder machines is also crucial to feed your pet with food full of nutrition.