Extrusion: All You Need to Know!


Extrusion is a process of forming. Basically, we can also call it a manufacturing process in which technology like pasta and food extrusion machines are used to process and confine food particles into a new shape or form. You can also compare this process to how toothpaste works. When you squeeze the tube, the substance that comes out is cylindrical due to the fact that the opening of the tube is circular. Take a look at the two types of extrusion processes.

Types of Extrusion

  • Hot Extrusion

When the material is above recrystallization temperature, then it is called hot extrusion.

  • Cold Extrusion

When the material is below recrystallization temperature, then it is called hot extrusion.

Food Extrusion

One of the most common purposes of extrusion involves food. Remember the last time you had pasta? Well, pasta extruders confine and reshape grain, rice, and other particles into the shape of what we love to eat. Apart from that, food extrusion also involves confinement of pet food products as well.

Basically, a pasta extrusion machine and other food extrusion machines are bought by manufacturers who operate within this industry. Though these machines cost a lot of money, they are automatic and accurate in producing your desired products.

Pros and Cons of Extrusion

Before actually deciding to enter the food extrusion business, we believe that you should know all the pros and cons associated with this type of manufacturing process.


  1. Flexible operations
  2. A reduction in average cost per unit
  3. Good mixing (Compounding)
  4. A variety of raw material can be utilized
  5. Non-stop operation
  6. High production volumes
  7. During hot extrusion, it’s easier to alter products as they are already in heated condition
  8. Better finishing
  9. In cold extrusion, mechanical properties are obtained


  1. Requires a lot of investment as the setup cost is high
  2. Product limitation: that means you can only combine or extrude one product at a time.
  3. Risk of variations in size of a specific product, which can lead to loss of material and wastage

Wrap Up

After going through this short guide, I’m pretty sure that you have enough knowledge to understand how extrusion works and why this manufacturing process is gaining recognition. Though it requires a good investment, you can start a business with this process and produce many different types of food like pasta, spaghetti, nutrition biscuits, pet food and much more.

As a business owner, you have to invest in getting a good machine for extrusion to make sure that are able to produce the required quality and quantity that fulfills your consumer’s demand.