What is The Fish Extrusion Process
fish feed machine

As we know that consumption of fish twice a week prevents heart issues and many other problems as it is high in protein, rich in omega, and saturated fats.

However, has anybody wondered what feed fishes need? Do they eat regular basic food like ours or do they take some extraordinary processed food? Well, China is the largest country in running Fish agriculture as well as they have huge manufacturers functioning to provide fish feed.

China is a nation praised for being a quality fish feed machine manufacturer. The feed making process is called feed extrusion. Raw materials are injected with high-pressure stem to make the feed moisturized.

Fish Feed Extrusion

The feed extrusion process is not so complicated. The process is divided into two types; dry and wet extrusion.

Dry type of food is obtained from the warmth of friction. Absolute pressure is maintained, and 15% of water is added only. Whereas, wet type excursion is as same as dry type. However, the only difference is water is added to make 20% of moisture.

Food extrusion ensure to provide hygienic feed by killing germs and make food free from fungus. Food extrusion machines make the food digestive for fishes; it breaks fiber walls and softens the material so that the aquatic living can absorb the food quickly.

Quality Fish Feed Machine Manufacturer

Convenient fish feeding management enables fish to float for a long time. The extruded feed makes it easy to ingest. Similarly, it helps to observe the quantity intake of food timely.

Processed food has a floating ability that helps to satisfy aquatic life. Extruded food process undergo through a method that makes sure there will be no chance of ingestion in fishes.

If you wish to keep fish in your office, or your living room then you’re definitely going to need fish feed. Well, the processed food not only keeps your fish full, but it also has specific vitamins included, which improve and maintain their health. All credit goes to the organization we are a high-quality fash feed machiner manufacturer. With the help of their machines, fish feed suppliers can produce quality products.