How Dry Dog Food is Prepared Through Pet Food Extrusion Machine?
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All pet food, especially pet food extruder manufacturers brag about having good-for-your-pet ingredients, or they provide meals for specific kinds of dogs or breeds. However, what generally not discussed is: How is the dry food made for their dog?

Every formula for dry dog food is different. Therefore, each firm has various steps to take for producing its own specific product. However, there are some conventional processes which numerous dog foods brands follow to make their kibble.

How Dog Food is cooked

There are various ways that dog food manufacturers use to prepare their products. However, one of the common methods is extrusion. When all the raw ingredients are collected, they all are thrown for mixing and grinding process to create paste or dough. Pet food extrusion is a process where the mixtures are pushed through the pet food extruder so that it can be made and cut into multiple pieces of identical shape. As the paste is forced through the extruder, it is exposed to extreme pressure and extreme temperature that cook the mixture prior to being cut-off into similar-looking pieces.

The above explained process allows manufacturers to produce dog foods and that too, in a significant amount quickly. However, inefficiencies are linked with a cost. The high pressures and temperatures required for extruding the pet food might destruct the essential nutrients present in the raw ingredients that means your dog may not benefit as per your expectation due to the specific way the pet food is processed.

Besides, extruded dry food almost always require additional flavoring for making up of loss caused during manufacturing. The process sometimes called enrobing, sprinkles on a combination of extra liquid or powder flavoring or rendered fat to the finished dry food for making a better taste and are more enticing to dogs than it would be otherwise.

pet food extruder

What Difference an Extrusion Process makes?

Removal of extrusion process makes three big differences in the dry food. First, you can use fresh chicken ingredients to begin rather than rendering dry meals. Pet food extruder would restrict the amount of raw chicken.

Second, slow cooking ingredients such as corn creates various nutritional advantages which a quick-cooking extrusion process cannot offer.

Third, the slower and lower cooking temperatures aid to protect the crucial nutrients dogs require in their diet daily.

The non-extrusion process takes a long time and is produced in smaller batches. However, it yields a food which is high in nutrition and tastes good; which are two significant benefits for the pet for several years.

Wrap Up

High-quality and well-made dog food provide daily nutrition a dog requires for his health. Therefore, pet food is as equally important as quality pet food extruder manufacturers