Things to Consider When Choosing Food Extrusion Machines

Just like any other investment in industrial machinery; it is crucial that you choose the right food extruder machines and the manufacturer. You aren’t going to want to spend money again as the setup cost is pretty high. Therefore, it’s better to take your decision wisely right now. If you aren’t sure what you should consider before choosing a supplier then here are a few essential factors.

Reputation in the Market

As many great leaders say that the first impression is always the last, you can take this into consideration by researching about food extrusion machines and their manufacturers. Start off by meeting their representatives and question them regarding their services and products. Once you are done with that, you should look for their previous clients. You can ask these clients how satisfied there are with the supplier’s services and the machine they provided. This should help you in building trust for them.

Quality Components

When choosing the best pet food extruder an equally important factor that you should check is the components used in making the machine. For example, from which company did they get all the parts and motor from? Is the company an internal organization or a local part’s supplier? These questions can help you in getting a better picture of how reliable the extrusion machine manufacturer is.

Quality of Support and Services

When you invest your money in buying a pet food extruder, I’m pretty sure that you’ll expect after sales services and support. Machines like these require maintenance every now and then. Therefore, it’s crucial that you double check of the supplier offers any after sales support or service. In addition, the first thing that you’ll experience when interacting with a supplier is how well they provide their support. Are their representatives helpful? Are they qualified and experienced enough to give you useful tips in making the right choice? Can they provide you with the features that each product comes with?


To be honest, an investment like this isn’t an easy one. However, it’s what your business depends on to make the most out of it. Talk with the representatives and make sure you don’t make a mistake. Check all the things you can before trusting any supplier. In addition, remember the factors we mentioned above when you plan on getting an extruder machine for your business. You can add a few questions of your own, but the ones mentioned above are essential.