Fish Feed Machines

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At CNZ Machinery, we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of fish feed machine. Fish feed is also regarded as fish food and is a product used as a feed meal for the pet and farmed fish. This feed is enriched with vegetable proteins, vitamin, and wheat to sustain the fish healthy. The feed generally comes in different shapes like granule, pellets, and even tablet.

Similarly, pet food for different pets like cats, dogs, and parrots are widely popular and in demand among the people. CNZ machinery is known for providing a vast range of pet food production machines. With years of experience in this sector, we have not only developed efficient fish feed machine but are also making key innovations in making it better.

Leading Innovators in Fish Food Machine

Generally speaking, extrusion is also stated as food processing in different segments. This process usually includes the compression of food into a semi-solid mass, while the starting step and then later onwards pushing it through a tiny aperture in the next step to improve the varieties of color, texture, and shape which can be easily required from the most common food ingredients available.



This feed production line is researched for aquatic feed market. Products with high degree of maturation. Good waterproof, long floating time, also can add microelement to promote the growth of pet fish. Welcomed to breeding industry. Production line with full automatic and high capacity is a good choice for different customer.

1. double screw extrusion unit
2. Vibrating spreader
3. Elevator
4. negative pressure dehumidifier
5. Air conveyor
6. Five layer electricity oven
7. flavoring line
8. cooling conveyor


型号 装机功率install power 实耗功率real power 生产能力 capacity
ZH95 296kw 177kw 800-1200kg/h
ZH139 586kw 352kw 1500-5000kg/h