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At CNZ machinery, our pasta extrusion machine is the strongest pasta machine that you will ever come across. It is quite easy and practical for you and can generate different kinds of pasta with any type of flour, with or without eggs. Our machine has the capacity of making portions of pasta in different colors like the tomato flavored pasta, spinach pasta, or even the cocoa pasta, etc.

Our pasta extrusion machine is economical and affordable to purchase and allows you to dose with comfort the kind of ingredients, and you can always provide the high quality of pasta at the same price of the regular pasta. Our machine is easily removable for effective cleaning and can make different kinds of pasta depending on your choice and requirements.

Best Pasta Extruders Manufacturer

CNZ machinery is proud of the quality they have been providing to the customers. Established ten years ago, the journey has been transformational, and as an organization, we have achieved a lot with more to follow in the future. Our pasta extruders and food extrusion are widely used in major food industries across the world, and we are happy to serve our customers with more than they can expect.

Our pasta extruders are not the only product that has gained such significance all these years, and we have other extruding machines as well that are sold efficiently to some of the biggest food groups in the world.



This machine line can use wheat flour as main material to make different shapes pasta, like tube, elbow ,screw, shell etc .Equipment configuration is perfect, advanced production technology; good quality products, simple and reliable operation; is the ideal equipment to make macaroni.

1. extrusion unit
2. pre-dryer
3. elevator
4. macaroni dryer
5. cooling conveyor


型号 model 总装机容量 install power 实耗功率real power 生产能力capacity
TXF85-S 35kw 21kw 85-100kg/h
TXF160-S 68kw 41kw 160-220kg/h