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The charm of extrusion technology is that it can provide unexpected processing methods to people. Zhuoheng company combined with the needs of the market to develop the pet food machines which adopt unique Processing technology and equipment configuration, using grain flour, meat meal , fish meal, soybean meal etc as raw materials to produce a variety of shapes of pet food and fish feed with special tastes and easy to digest, welcomed by the pet market.

double screw extrusion unit
Vibrating spreader
five layer electricity dryer
single drum flavoring line
cooling conveyor


Model parameters ZH65 ZH70 ZH85 ZH95
install power 112 kw 142 kw 235 kw 296 kw
real power 67 kw 85 kw 141 kw 177 kw
capacity 120-150kg/h 200-250kg/h 300-500kg/h 800-1200kg/h

The technologies used in the CNZ Machinery are one of a kind with a vast range of products available in different models along with voluntary accessories to provide with an optimal solution for your particular needs in the production for pet foods.

At CNZ Machinery, we understand the fact that the pet food market is in continuous development and the improving considerations for the well-being and health of the pets have created higher demands and new standards for the entire pet food industry.

Pet food is anticipated to come in many different flavors, colors, and shapes. The constant desire for high-quality of pet food with an intriguing visual appearance and appropriate nutritional benefits have created an everlasting effect for the customers making their choices easier to choose the right amount of product for their pets.

In order to create a food product that is safe, secure and reliable requires multi-functional and advanced equipment. For years, we have become reliable pet food Extruder manufacturers supplying different kinds of machinery to our clients all over the world.

Our expansive range of extruders allows our customers to meet these expanding demands set by our customers.

Our Machines Are Smarter Than You Think

A pet food extruder is normally used for the production of the extruded floor wet granular feeds for both domestic and farm animals like cats, dogs, fish, birds, and many more. The food made through an extruder has an improved digestibility along with a refined form of pathogenic organisms.

The raw material primarily used for the pet food extrusion can be made from mineral supplements and protein. Our pet food extruder allows the process to grain and generates the cereals of wheat like beans, corn, wheat, rye, soya beans, and lupins to normalize the rice bran.

Trusted Pet Food Extruder Manufacturers

At CNZ Machinery, we are renowned for manufacturing and supplying quality food machines. Our machines are so mechanically advanced that they provide efficient production of feed without compromising on the quality. Our pet food extruders have the capability of manufacturing and producing food with added supplements like protein.

Our machines can generate the sinking, floating, and soaring in the entire water feed along the granules resistant to the transportation. Some other significant advantages which we have over other pet food extruder machines is that our machines can make a suitable amount of raw mixtures with the feed waste alongside the decreased consumption in the feed due to the high digestibility present.