Soya protein machine line



Soybean protein food processing line is a new kind of inflating processing line which is produced and developed according to our rice experiences and the requirement of food market. This line adopts low-temperature soybean powder as main material to produce new foods which looks like muscle and has the sense of mastication. This kind of food has high nutrition and can be widely applied in many industries: ham, cam, fast-food, instant-cool food etc

1. mixer
2. screw conveyor
3. double screw extruder
4. vibrating spreader
5. hoister
6. five layer electricity oven
7. cooling conveyor


           型号Model 参数parameters ZH65 ZH70 ZH85 Zh95
装机功率install power 117kw 142 kw 208 kw 287kw
实耗功率real power 70 kw 85 kw 124 kw 172kw
生产能力capacity 180-220kg/h 250-320kg/h 450-550kg/h 800-1200kg/h