What To Expect With A Kitchen Cabinet Painting Service


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Have you ever wondered how getting your kitchen cabinets painted works?

So today we’re going to talk about an entire kitchen cabinet painting transformation. From start to finish. Let’s go.

First things first, you. Before your painting professional shows up, remove all of your things out of your cabinets if they are going to be painting the inside of your kitchen cabinets. If not, check to see if it’s ok to leave your things where they are and make sure your painting company will protect your stuff from damage during the painting process. Also, its a good idea to clear off your counter tops so that your things don’t accidentally get paint on them, or get broken accidentally during the spraying process. A good tip is to set up the things you need in an adjacent room so you’ll have access to them during your kitchen cabinet painting process.

So on the first day, your painting company should go over in detail all the specific things that will occur during the painting process. If they don’t, do not hesitate to ask them for this information. You don’t want to find out later that you were suppose to do something or that a certain process did not get followed the way it should.

Next the paint company should put up protection to keep your home from damage by paint. They should paper and plastic all areas that they spray to make sure paint goes on the surfaces its suppose to and stays of the surfaces it should be on. They will also tent off the kitchen so that paint debris doesn’t get into the rest of your home and that your home is well protected from the painting sprayer.

Finally the painting company will remove all your cabinets hardware, clean the surfaces, sand the surfaces that need it and spray your desired color paint.

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